How to Trick Your Dog into Taking Liquid Medicine?

How to Trick Your Dog into Taking Liquid Medicine?

Whether it’s to prevent internal or external parasites, treat an injury, or manage an illness, your dog will require medication at some point. 

Oral medicine for your pet can be challenging but it’s not impossible if you follow a few simple guidelines. 

How to deal with a fussy dog?

When it comes to your dog refusing to take liquid medication, your veterinarian is the person you want on your side. If your dog requires liquid medication, ask your veterinarian if you can put the prescription in the prepared treats. 

Dog treats for liquid medicine make your job easier as this ensures that the correct dosage prescribed is included in each treat. It also makes it easier for your dog to take liquid medicine by hiding it in tasty treats.

In case this is not a choice, here are some more suggestions for you to try.

1. Use a syringe or a dropper to administer the medication

Make sure you use a gentle feeding syringe with a silicone tip whenever you use this procedure. This type of syringe is required to avoid tooth and gum damage in your pet. 

With your non-dominant hand, hold your dog’s head. With your thumb and fingers, place your dominant hand on the muzzle. Lift the dog’s nose to point toward the ceiling and squeeze your digits behind the dog’s teeth after the dog’s head is in place. Administer the liquid medicine using the syringe/dropper behind the canine teeth.

You can get a safe syringe or dropper at a pet clinic by asking for a pet feeding syringe. Besides giving a dog liquid medicine, the syringes are also suitable for giving oil, food, or something similar. It should be simple to administer the correct dose every time you give your dog liquid medicine with a syringe.

2. Combine dog’s liquid medication with food

This is the most typical method of persuading your dog to take liquid medication. Liquid medicine must be mixed with your dog’s favorite food. It’s best if the food is soft and easy to blend. Canned food is popular for this. The food should be tasty and have a strong flavor to mask the odor of liquid medicine. 

This approach is commonly used with canned fish, meat, and other items. Use only a small amount of food that the pet can finish in one serving when employing this strategy.

3. Put the liquid medicine in a capsule

Even when hidden in food or treats, some medicines can be particularly unpleasant or bitter for your pet. You can buy empty gel capsules, fill them up with the liquid medication, and then mix them in your dog’s food or embed them in treats. 

The gel cap will prevent your dog from tasting the undesirable medication. However, consult your veterinarian before attempting this, as oral drugs are frequently designed to target specific regions of the digestive tract.

Administer the dog’s liquid medicine directly into the mouth

Your dog may refuse to take liquid medications despite your best attempts. If this occurs, you must administer the medication into his or her mouth. 

Pull up your dog’s top jaw with your thumb and index finger by tilting his head backward. With your middle and ring fingers, gently open the lower jaw and insert liquid medicine in the dog’s mouth, then stroke his or her neck to assist swallowing. 

To avoid putting your fingers on the sharp fang-like canine teeth, use a spoon to drop the medicine.

Stay calm and do not hesitate

Your dog can accurately comprehend your mood and emotions based on basic gestures such as tone and body language. Your pet will notice and resist you if you pause, hesitate, and are unsure while giving him the liquid medicine. 

He will get the idea that something is wrong as you are acting strangely. So, stay calm and confident and appear as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary. As a result, your dog will remain calm and respond more effectively.

Reward their favorite treats if you have multiple dogs

If you have multiple dogs, you may be aware of what might happen when you’re giving them treats. You can take advantage of the competition. Treat your dog to his favorite food after he takes liquid medicine. 

Other dogs are more likely to take the medication as a result of this. You can even conceal the medicine in a treat to ensure that the dog receives the medication it needs. Because some dogs eat more quickly in competitive situations, your dog may finish his food so quickly that he doesn’t realize he’s taken his medicine.

Mix the liquid medicine with peanut butter or cheese

You can spread the dog’s liquid medicine on your dog’s paws by mixing it with a tiny amount of peanut butter or cheese. Dogs don’t normally enjoy things on their paws, although peanut butter and cheese are their favorites. Your pet will lick the medicine-mixed food with its tongue, and the pharmaceutical dose will be delivered immediately.


When it comes to providing liquid medications, a little creativity can go a long way toward ensuring that your dog receives the care it requires, no matter how obstinate they are. You’ve to figure out how to persuade your dog to take liquid medicine and keep it healthy. 

When your dog is sick, your alertness can save its life. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your dog to notice the onset of diseases early. It is easier to diagnose and cure most illnesses in their early stages if you visit the veterinarian frequently.

If you take good care of your dog, you can guarantee a healthy and happy pet.